Stakeholder Impact ReportStakeholder Impact Report

2008 GRI Index

Global Reporting Initiative – Indicator Protocols

Economic Performance        
  GRI No. Description Location Coverage
  DMA* Management approach, goals and performance, policy, contextual information Community
Economic performance EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed Financial factpac
Social factpac
2008 Annual Report
  EC2* Financial implications of climate change 2008 SIR Environment section
Transition to a low carbon economy


Coverage of the organisation’s defined benefit plan obligations Details of all of Westpac’s superannuation obligations, including defined benefit for Australian employees can be found here P
  EC4 Financial assistance received from government Data was not collected this year across the Group C
Market presence EC5* Standard entry level wage compared to local minimum wage 2008 SIR Employee section and factpac
Specific entry level wage data was not collected this year, we will explore the ability to report in future years.
  EC6 Policies, practices and proportion of spending on locally based suppliers 2008 SIR Suppliers
Data is not available for the proportion of spend with local suppliers due to a strategic focus on SSCM rather than local sourcing
  EC7* Procedures for local hiring 2008 SIR Employees
Factpac Employees
Indirect economic impacts EC8 Description of infrastructure investments & services supported that provide public benefit 2008 SIR Customer employee volunteering and Customer factpac P
  EC9 Indirect economic impacts 2008 SIR Customer and Customer factpac In addition $36.4 million in foregone revenue from fee-free accounts for non-profit organisations and low income earners. P

ˆ Developed in conjunction with Australian stakeholders.

*       Reports against Global Compact Principles
DMA Disclosure on Management Approach
F Full
P Partial
C Comment

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