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1A Strong Banking Sector
2The Backbone of Business
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Almost 200 years old – Australia's first bank and first company

"As Westpac Group enters its third century in business in 2017, we’ve reflected on how one of Australia’s first start-ups has grown into the company it is today: Australia's second largest company, with almost 40,000 people around the world devoted to helping more than 13 million customers to prosper and grow.

Supporting Australia means a lot of things to us here at Westpac. It means measuring our success on our customers’ success. It means being a workplace where thousands of people are proud to work. And it means making a difference to the things that matter to all Australians, not just those who bank with us. It’s this attitude that has stood the test of time, and has seen our history inextricably linked with Australia’s economic and social development.

At Westpac we'll keep doing our part to help you do yours. It's why we're here."

- Brian Hartzer, CEO Westpac Group

All figures for Financial Year 2016 unless otherwise stated. Some of the information on this site is sourced from third parties.

A Strong Banking Sector

Australia's major banks support Australia’s economic development

Shareholder dividends

Over $22B in dividends will be paid by the major Australian banks to shareholders in 2016 - around one-quarter by Westpac.

Providing jobs

Over 161,000 people were employed by the major Australian banks in FY16 – around one quarter were Westpac employees.


Around $20B paid in wages by the major Australian banks in FY16.

The Backbone of Business

Banking relationships

Westpac has a banking relationship with more than 1 million business customers.

Business lending

We support businesses in Australia with over $150 billion in loans outstanding.

Business deposits

We hold around $128 billion in Australia in business deposits.


Our annual Innovation Challenge has helped unearth entrepreneurs with more than $120,000 in grants awarded since 2014.

1 in 4

Westpac has a banking relationship with around 1 in 4 Australian farmers.*


$100 million committed to Reinventure to support innovation.

* Source: ABS, March 2016.

Home Ownership


1.6 million people have chosen Westpac Group to be their home loan provider.

1 in 5

We have helped nearly 1 in 5 Australian first home buyers enter the property market over the last 12 months.


Over 70% of our customers are ahead on their home loan repayments.

*As at 31 August 2016, Source: ABS.

People of Westpac


We made payments of over $4B in employee remuneration and superannuation.


21.5% of our workforce is over 50.


48% of leadership roles are occupied by women.


290 people identifying as Indigenous joined Westpac over the last two financial years.


100+ years of time contributed by employees participating in Jawun Indigenous Community Secondments.

Supporting Australia


19% reduction in total Greenhouse Gas emissions since 2013.

Recognised as the world’s most sustainable bank in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the third year in a row.

Our Community


Over $5.9M in microfinance loans to disadvantaged Australians with Many Rivers since 2009.


Around 31,000 financial assistance packages issued in FY16.


Over 125,000 people have completed Westpac Group financial literacy training in the last two financial years.

Offering Economic Stability

*Source: Federal Budget 2016-17.