Take control of your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with the Westpac DIY Super Solution. Made up of specially designed SMSF accounts: an everyday transaction account, a savings account with a great rate and Westpac Online Investing, it gives you everything you need to retire on your own terms.

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Our DIY Super solution
DIY Super Solution products and services

1.Westpac DIY Super Working account.

  • An everyday 'hub' account to manage your investments and access your funds on a day-to-day basis, and still earn tiered interest1.
  • No monthly service fees.
  • Tiered interest rate.
  • Online banking.
  • Telephone banking.
  • Branch and cheque access to funds.

2.Westpac DIY Super Savings account.

  • If you're between investments, you can park your surplus funds and earn a competitive interest rate2.
  • No monthly service fees.
  • Competitive interest rates on every dollar.
  • Operate and access via your linked Westpac DIY Super Working account.

3.Westpac Online Investing account.

  • Trade online from $19.95 or for 0.11% of the trade value (whichever is greater) when linked to your Westpac DIY Super Working account.
  • Access to shares, Warrants, Options and more.
  • Trade online, over the phone or via the mobile app.
  • Get the latest research and analysis from Morningstar, Westpac, BT and more.
  • Advanced charts and free live market data.
  • No ongoing monthly service fees.

The big picture.

Once you have your DIY Super Solution set up to meet the everyday finance needs of your SMSF, you may want to consider other products and services Westpac offers that might support your investment strategy.


Choose from a variety of Fixed Income, Equity and Cash investments that can be linked directly to your Westpac DIY Super Working account.


Take out a SMSF mortgage to invest in residential or commercial properties.

Insurance Products

Benefit from a range of life insurance products that may work tax-efficiently within your DIY Super Solution.


Choose from a range of SMSF equities solutions to match your market outlook, investment horizon and risk appetite.

SMSF - Self Managed Super Fund. Cash, Fixed Income, Residential Property Investment, Commercial Property, Equities, Insurance, Wrap, Financial Advice, Education, Westpac Alliances.

Cash DIY Super Solution A suite of three products including a DIY Super Working Account, DIY Super Saving Account and Westpac Online Investing to help you manage your day-to-day SMSF investments.
Fixed Income Term Deposit Lock away SMSF funds at a guaranteed rate for a selected term of your choice.
Coupon Select Deposit A tailored term deposit that lets you choose the frequency of interest payments, the start date and whether to receive fixed or floating interest rates or potentially a combination of both.
CPI Plus Deposit A tailored term deposit that pays a guaranteed fixed rate above the inflation rate, e.g. CPI + 3.5%.
Inflation Linked Deposit A tailored term deposit that features an interest rate which is directly linked to inflation. The interest rate increases with inflation, which may help protect the real value of your interest income.
Residential Property Investment Variable Rate Investment Property Loan
Fixed Rate Investment Property Loan
Funds the purchase of an investment property through a limited recourse loan.
Commercial Property Investment Bank Bill Business Loan / Business Loan Funds the purchase of a business or commercial property through a limited recourse loan, with the option of a fixed or variable interest rate.
Equities Westpac Online Investing A quick and cost effective way to invest online in shares, options, warrants ETFs, managed funds, IPOs and more.
BT Managed Accounts Managed Accounts can provide SMSF trustees with direct exposure to a professionally managed portfolio of Australian shares, listed property and managed funds. All administration and comprehensive tax reporting is performed by a team of experts.
Self Funding Instalment (SFI) Warrants An ASX listed investment that lets you borrow to invest in the share market within an SMSF without margin calls.
Protected Equity Loan Borrow to invest in selected ASX-listed securities over the medium term, with capital protection at maturity of up to 100% and no margin calls.
Insurance Life Insurance Access Death Cover, Total and Permanent Disability Cover and Salary Continuance Insurance via your SMSF.
Landlord Insurance Protect your investment property against damage or theft by tenants.
Wrap BT Portfolio Wrap A single point of access to a range of investment options such as managed funds, term deposits, ASX listed securities and insurance.
Financial Advice Westpac Financial Planners Westpac has qualified Financial Planners trained and accredited to advise on Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.
Education Davidson Institute Westpac's Davidson Institute provides financial and business education courses, seminars and online learning for SMSF trustees, designed to improve your SMSF knowhow.
Fund Administration Westpac Alliances Westpac has informed alliances with professional, specialist administration firms that can assist you with the running and compliance obligations of your SMSF.

Every dollar works harder in our Working and Savings accounts. Thanks to competitive interest rates that are calculated daily and paid monthly. There are no monthly account service fees or balance restrictions and you can access your funds 24/7 via Online Banking and Personal or Business Telephone Banking.

Current standard variable interest rates p.a.
DIY Super Working account DIY Super Savings account
$0 - $9,999 0.25% p.a. 2.70% p.a.
$10,000 - $49,999 2.50% p.a. 2.70% p.a.
$50,000 - $99,999+ 2.50% p.a. 2.70% p.a.
Current standard fees per transaction
Fees DIY Super Working account DIY Super Savings account
Free Monthly Withdrawal Allowance3 Unlimited self-service Westpac Online and Telephone Banking electronic transactions only Unlimited self-service Westpac Online and Telephone Banking electronic transactions only
Transaction Fees (charge per transaction when free withdrawal allowance is exceeded)
Telephone Banking (staff assisted) $2.50 N/A
Cheque Withdrawals3 $1.00 N/A
Direct Debits $0.25 $5.004
Branch Staff-Assisted Withdrawals $2.50 $5.004
Periodical Payment (additional fees apply for Periodical Payments made by Bank Cheque and International Periodical Payments) NIL NIL
Telephone Banking (automated) Free Free
Westpac Online Banking Free Free