Introducing Quick Transfer

Using the Mobile Banking app, you can now transfer between your accounts set up in Quick Balance

Quick Balance

Open the app and swipe left to see your available balances.

How to set up Quick Balance

Recent Transactions

Tap your balance to see your recent transactions.

How to set up Quick Balance

Quick Transfer

Tap and hold to transfer between accounts.

How to set up Quick Balance

Which accounts can I view?

You can view up to 3 eligible accounts including Westpac Choice, eSaver, Reward Saver and many home loan and credit card accounts. You can also view your Altitude Rewards points within Quick Balance.

Some account types can't be viewed including variable investment loans, fixed rate personal loans, investment property loans, term deposits, foreign currency accounts, superannuation accounts and online investing accounts.

To set up these features

Step 1: Download the Westac Mobile Banking app from the App Store or Google Play

Step 2: Open the app, swipe to the left and tap Activate now under Quick Balance

Step 3: Sign in and choose which other features you'd like to activate, then tap Done.

Have a question?

Check out our Quick Balance Frequently Asked Questions.