Lost track of your super? We can help you find it

Have you changed your name, job, house or even had part-time and casual work? Then you could be one of the many Australians who've lost track of their super. If you'd like your missing money to come and find you, simply open a BT Super for Life account today and we'll get to work.

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Westpac have been supporting Australians with their banking for 199 years. And when it comes to helping you bank on your future, we trust multi award-winning BT. Part of the Westpac Group, BT have a proven track record in helping Australians with smart investments, insurance, super and advice.

Finding your super can be easy

Getting on top of your super can seem like a big job but it doesn't have to be that way. BT Super for Life can change the way you think about super because it's designed with you in mind.

You open

Apply online with one simple form and a couple of clicks, and we can have your account opened in just a few minutes.

We find

As soon as you've opened your account, we can get to work on finding any super accounts you may have lost track of along the way. You don't have to lift a finger, just provide us your TFN and consent and our BT super specialists will get to work.

We can transfer

We'll let you know the search results, and we can help you transfer it to your BT Super for Life account if you decide to do so. You should think about your personal situation and needs before deciding to roll over any super we find for you to BT Super for Life.

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What is lost super?

Your super account will generally be considered 'lost' if:**

  • no contributions or rollovers have been added to your super account in the last year and either your super fund never had an address for you, or mail sent to you by your super fund has been returned unclaimed, or
  • for employer default super plans, no contributions or rollovers have been added to your super account in the last five years.

If your super account is considered lost it could be transferred to the ATO if:

  • your account balance is less than $2,000; or
  • your super fund is unable to identify you as the owner of the account based on the information reasonably available to them.

Your super could also be transferred to the ATO in certain other circumstances.

The ATO could also be holding other super amounts for you:

such as Super Guarantee amounts paid to them by a previous employer or Government Co-contributions or Low Income Super Contributions paid by the government.