To apply for the Earth Black Card today, call 1300 104 930.

Wherever you are and whatever the time of day, if you have any queries relating to your card, the dedicated Earth Black Card Priority Service line will be ready to help with lost or stolen cards, making payments and more.

If you're an existing Black Card customer and have any further queries, contact the 24/7 Earth Black Card Priority Service line, call 1300 651 999 toll-free anywhere in Australia or +61 3 6345 1999 reverse charge when overseas.

Day to day service

Telephone Banking – available 24/7

Use your card account to pay bills, check your account or transaction details, transfer funds between Westpac accounts or request a statement anytime, day or night.
To register, call 1300 651 999.

Westpac Online Banking – your account online

Manage your account, view your transactions, transfer funds between Westpac accounts, pay bills by BPAY®, and print your last 7 years’ statements for free – 24 hours a day.
To register, call 1300 651 999.

Your payment options

Choose from a range of payment options that suit you:

  • Telephone or Online Banking – Transfer funds from Westpac accounts.
  • ATMs – Transfer funds from a linked Westpac account.
  • BPAY – Make BPAY payments to your Westpac credit card account.
  • Mail – Post your statement slip and cheque to: Cards, GPO Box 4220, Sydney NSW 2001.
  • In person – Just drop in to any Westpac branch.
  • Card Autopay – The most convenient way to make your repayments – automatically from most transaction accounts

Lost or stolen cards

If your cards are lost or stolen, please notify us immediately so we can stop all transactions on your account. We’ll aim to get you a replacement within 2 working days.

  • While in Australia, call 1300 651 999.
  • While overseas, call +61 3 6345 1999 (reverse charge).

You also have access to an Emergency Cash Advance – subject to your available credit limit and to your credit card account being in good standing.

  • A complimentary Earth Black card for your partner or a family member aged 16 or over that is linked to your Earth Black account. You earn points for every eligible purchase they make on their card.

  • Contactless Technology. Your new Earth Black cards are equipped with the latest in contactless technology and security. This means a fast, secure and easy way to pay for purchases of $100 or less at participating merchants. Simply tap either card against the contactless terminal to make your purchase. Once approved, you’re on your way and earning more points on your everyday spend.

Getting the most from your cards

Up to 45 days interest-free on purchases.
You could enjoy up to 45 days interest-free on your card purchases when your closing balance (including the balance transfer amount or other promotional amount) is paid in full by the statement due date each month.

ATM withdrawals and your PIN

Use your Earth Black World Mastercard to get a cash advance from ATMs around the world using your Personal Identification Number (PIN) (fees apply). If you can’t remember your PIN, or need a new one, just call us on 1300 651 999 and we’ll send you one immediately. If you would like to change the PIN we send you, or your existing PIN, just drop into any Westpac branch or change your PIN at a Westpac ATM (available at most ATMs). In order to change your PIN at a Westpac ATM, you are required to know your existing PIN.

Know your PIN if you’re travelling overseas.

Some countries will request a PIN for credit card purchases, so we strongly recommend you memorise your PIN if you are travelling overseas.

Changing your credit limit

If you need to change your credit limit, simply call us on 1300 651 999. Credit limit increase applications are subject to Westpac’s lending criteria.

Credit Card Repayment Protection

This optional insurance (available to eligible cardholders) helps cover your credit card repayments if you lose your job, contract a sickness or disease, or sustain an injury and aren’t able to work in certain circumstances. For more information, call 1300 369 989 or visit

One card banking

For extra convenience, you can link your Earth Black World Mastercard® to your Westpac transaction account by calling us on
1300 651 999. You can then access your transaction account using your Black credit card by pressing ‘cheque’ or ‘savings’.

Never forget a payment, use free Card Autopay

If you find yourself struggling to remember to pay your credit card on time, you can have greater peace of mind with Card Autopay. It’s a free service that automatically pays a nominated amount to your card monthly from funds in your specified account. You can choose to pay the full balance, a percentage of the balance or a set amount.

To apply for Card Autopay, call us on 1300 651 999 or download the application form from

If time is one of your most precious rewards, spend more time doing the things you enjoy. So, if you have any regular payments on your Westpac Card Account and would like to move these across to your new Earth Black Cards, you have two options:

1. Westpac Switch Assist - let our team assist you. Simply call the Black Priority Service line on 1300 651 999 and we’ll help you identify your existing regular payments. The Westpac Switch Assist team will send you a pack in the mail containing a letter for each of your Service Providers with your new credit card details. All you need to do is check that the information contained in the letter is correct, sign then post directly to your Service Providers.


2. Notify your relevant Service Providers of your new credit card number. To assist you, we've created a contact list of the most Popular Service Providers. Just click on the relevant link below to view your Service Provider's details.