1 in 200 Australians find themselves homeless each night

Through a $15 donation, you could directly help connect someone with the resources that they desperately need to survive.

Ask Izzy: Supporting people who are homeless

Ask Izzy is a free, Australia-wide service for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to find the services they need, right now and nearby through www.askizzy.org.au.

Research by The University of Sydney discovered that nearly 80% of people who are homeless have access to a smartphone.

Whilst this may be surprising, it highlights that this is an essential means of connecting people with the resources that they need to survive - including housing, meals, health services, counselling, legal help, addiction help and a whole lot more.

A $15 battery recharge card could make the world of difference to someone who needs it to power their smartphone.

Power to charge smartphones is often hard to come by and without having a phone battery charged, people who are fleeing family violence or who become homeless can face prolonged periods without help or the ability to contact services seeking help.

Ask Izzy is collecting donations of battery recharge cards that give people who are homeless up to 4 hours of smartphone power. Westpac is supporting this cause by helping to collect donations of money to be used towards recharge cards.

We are asking for donations of Ask Izzy branded smartphone battery recharge cards, at $15 per unit so that they can be supplied to people who truly need them.

About Ask Izzy

  • Australia wide, free and anonymous
  • Can help you find housing, meals, health services, counselling, legal help, addiction help and a whole lot more services
  • Lists more than 350,000 different services

To find out more or if you know someone that needs their help, please visit www.askizzy.org.au.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give Easy is the online fundraising platform which is collecting Ask Izzy donations on behalf of not-for-profit organisation, Infoxchange, to allow them distribute power cards to people who are homeless.