Not all Australians are
with Westpac, but we're
with all Australians.

Proud supporters of you

Every Australian has their own unique ambitions, their own worries, and their own needs.

That's why for almost 200 years, it's been our mission to support all Australians, not just the ones who bank with Westpac. Because we know that it's the people that make Australia the magnificent country it is. And we'll do everything in our power to help them make the future even better.

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How we’re supporting all Australians

Supporting life

The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service has flown over 70,000 rescue missions over the past 40 years, and that number grows every day. Customer or not, no one has ever had to pay to be assisted by the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service.
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Supporting women

The Westpac Ruby Connection is designed to inspire, promote and connect all Australian women, no matter who they bank with.
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Supporting your community

Since 2012, the Westpac Foundation has invested over $3.5 million in community projects to help Australia’s most disadvantaged.
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Supporting migrants

We have almost 200 years experience in helping people start a new life in this beautiful country, because not all Australians were born Australians.
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Supporting Indigenous Australians

In the last two years alone, we welcomed over 400 new Indigenous Australian businesses as customers and suppliers, recruited 250 more Indigenous Australians to the Westpac Group, and awarded $1.3 million in grants to organisations which support Indigenous Australians.
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