Welcome to our 200th anniversary

We've been proudly supporting Australians through all of life's wonderful, agonising and exhilarating moments since 1817.

Spreading ideas
for the next 200 years.

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Bicentennial Foundation

$100 million.
100 scholarships
a year. Forever.


Giving Australian
newborns a


Maths isn’t just a
school subject,
it’s a life subject.

Businesses of Tomorrow

Supporting the
Businesses shaping

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Westpac Foundation

Backing the
ideas that change
people's lives.

The story of Westpac

"It’s a story of entrepreneurialism, growth, resilience, overcoming setbacks, and adaptation. Above all, it’s a story of individuals—who had a dream, had a go, confronted challenges, dusted themselves off, and kept going."

Brian Hartzer
Chief Executive Officer, Westpac Group